Ok, we’ve all been there, you meet someone and they seem amazing. They’re normal at first, with their charming personality and flirtatious ways. But beware: these are all clever ploys to disguise their true colours. And after a few dates their cover is blown, they’ve morphed into crazy obsessive compulsive stalker girl or cheap bastard boy. You manage to escape the grips of this chaotic relationship however soon after, you find yourself in yet another relationship with your last date’s evil twin.

Of the many types of men and women to avoid in the dating world, we came up with the top 5 to avoid and run away from if you ever find yourselves in their clutches.

The Needy Type: This person is overly emotional. Being sensitive is one thing but crying and sharing all of their feelings up front within the first 5 minutes of the date is warning sign: Not only are they able to turn on the water works at any given moment, they probably cant’ control other emotions such as jealousy and anger as well.

Hi My Name is Arrogant: This guy has a massive ego, is rude and believes no one is as good as he is…everyone is beneath him. Not only is this offensive and demeaning but it could eventually lead to huge self esteem issues…loose him pronto…he doesn’t need a woman, he needs a talking mirror to tell him how wonderful he is.

The Re-bounder: Ok so this one screams run for the hills. Re-bounders and neediness go hand in hand. If your date is fresh out of a relationship they are most likely feeling abandoned and resentful towards the opposite sex. The re-bounder is looking for someone to fill the shoes and empty void left by your predecessor. This practically screams “GET OUT NOW!” You’re allowing yourself to become her confidante. Pretty soon you’re out of the dating zone and into the friend zone.

Mr. Offensive: This type of doesn’t care who they’re with, if they see a hot girl they’re going to ogle her for as long as they want…he doesn’t care the he’s being rude and checking out other women right in front of their date. You’ll never be enough to satisfy him so why bother wasting your time?

The Cheapo: His idea of a romantic dinner is Pizza Hut. He makes you foot half the bill AND he complains that $5.00 for your Cosmo is outrageous. Saving your money is one thing, but penny-pinching is another. Ditch him before the date even starts if he suggests stocking up on Bulkbarn candies before the movie.

Dating Disasters: Personality Traits to Run Away From