When you first start dating, you unknowingly set up a series of tests and interviews for your date. Each social interaction, each date, is a chance to observe your potential boyfriend or girlfriend in different situations and environments. We evaluate how our dates interact socially, their politics, how they dress, who they know, and who they don’t. So what are some situations or events that might arise while dating that might make you never want to see your date again?

The Clinger

The movie Wedding Crashers makes fun of this type of wedding deal breaker: the person whom you date once and then has to call you several times a day just to check in. Maybe he texts you several times a day and email you as well. It doesn’t matter how attractive and successful this person is, this type of clinging and constant contact is a deal breaker.

The Hater

Really, nothing is worse than dating a hater. You might be the handsomest, wealthiest, and most charming person on the entire planet, but if you want to diss ethnic groups or homosexuals you can just forget about getting another date.

The Child

Maybe your date has a Mom tattoo on his arm. Maybe your date has to call her dad to let him know she’s arrived at the restaurant in one piece. If your date seems to have a too-close-knit relationship with a parent, or even both parents, this should be a warning sign that your date has not fostered enough independence or individuality. Steer clear of a second date unless you really want to parent an adult.

The Weirdo

If your date starts telling you tales about encounters with Bigfoot or personal encounters with UFOs, let this be a huge warning flag to you. If your date believes that fluoridated water is a Communist plot or that Elvis is still alive, tell your date that you feel ill and have decided to retire from dating permanently, then run to the nearest exit as quickly as possible. Heave a huge sigh of relief because you have escaped the clutches of dating a crazy person.

The Never Ending Need

If your date asks to borrow money or to use you as a reference in finding a job, this is a huge warning sign. Just say no and get out quick.

Some of the above dating deal breakers might not apply to everyone in every circumstance, but keep them in mind so that you have healthy limits in dating and relationships.

Dating Deal Breakers