From an early age children are geared up to boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, they overcome obstacles and live happily ever after. Deep down everyone is looking for their own Prince Charming or Cinderella and that first kiss means everything.

The Pain of a Broken Relationship is Hard to Bear

First love is magic, you enter a fairytale land and walk round hand-in-hand oblivious to everyone around you. No one else matters except your own true love and young couples shut out the rest of the world. When it all goes wrong, usually because one half has matured quicker than the other, it is the end of the world. Your life is over and there is a huge void, everyone is in couples except you and eating holds no appeal. Worried parents make things worse, the hurt is overwhelming until you meet another special someone and the cycle begins all over again.

There is no stigma about being single these days whereas once you were on the shelf if you had not met your own true love by the time you were 25. Single women were known as Spinsters, now they are Bachelor Girls. Women hold executive jobs, which were once the province of men and some men find high-powered women scary. Men are not so willing to commit themselves as it is no longer essential in society to be married.

But when you do meet your soul-mate all your principles and independence goes out of the window. You are in love and the world is a wonderful place. But what happens when that love turns sour, arguments are rife followed by long periods of silence. Couples stick together for the sake of the children or because they are too scared to be single again, but then it happens and the nightmare begins.

10 Ways to Cope with the Breakdown of a Relationship

  1. Don’t shut yourself away blaming yourself for the breakdown, it takes two and it wasn’t your fault.
  2. Don’t bottle up your emotions, cry if you need to cry, listen to sad songs and let your emotions pour out. If you feel angry get a soft ball that won’t do any damage and throw it at the television.
  3. Physical exercise relieves depression so go out for a run or go to the gym. Visit the local swimming pool or just go for a long walk.
  4. Call your friends and invite them round, have a party and don’t get angry when they tell you “There are plenty more fish in the sea”. Agree with them and laugh, tell them it’s their loss even if you don’t believe it yourself. Say it often enough and you will.
  5. Go to the cinema but avoid romantic films until you feel strong enough to cope. A bit of blood and gore will work wonders, you can imagine it is happening to your ex.
  6. Don’t take to the bottle, alcohol does not solve any problems. It may give you short-term relief but it makes things worse in the end.
  7. Visit a comedy show, laughter is a great tonic. Watch old comedies on DVD or on the television and laugh out loud, even if you are alone.
  8. Be thoroughly selfish for a while, think of yourself and do what you want to do when you want to do it.
  9. Don’t rush into another relationship on the rebound as you will always be making comparisons with your ex. Don’t appear desperate for another partner, that is the quickest way to put people off and lose you your friends. Married couples will stop trusting you thinking you might make a move on their other half.
  10. Go and have a makeover – men can have them too now – this is the start of a new life.
Coping With Broken Relationships